Carbonara Pasta

While I was thinking about this post, I noticed that I am writing a new chapter of my family history. Let me explain: while I was thinking about the reasons I decided to cook and post this recipe, what to tell you and how to entertain you, I was also thinking about my love for pasta and that it should be something from my family. As you may know, my family is from Italy and, at some moment, someone back there decided to leave their country and go to Brazil, trying to find a new life.

Well, in a certain way I am repeating same history many years later. I haven’t realized that, at some point, someone will tell this same story – but the one who left his country will be me and the new country will be Chile. Wow.

It is curious how we make thing that can change ALL the course of our history. And somebody else’s too. Think about it.

But… the most important thing here is that this Italian family that went to Brazil a long time ago let me scars and the biggest of them is that I love pasta. Any day is pasta day. ANY day.

Tired? Pasta. Happy? Pasta. Get together? Pasta. Alone and lazy? Pasta. Summer? Pasta. Winter? Pasta. See how this works?

This recipe here is a little jewelry to eat on cold days. With a good wine, it is superb. And it works when you are receiving friends too, as it is quite easy to make.

And, to finish all this: the vera carbonara has no cream and no ham, ok? Let’s respect Italian people and follow the original recipe. The most you can do is substitute pecorino cheese for parmesano (but the real one, fresh grated).

Ready? Here we go:

Carbonara Pasta

Serves 2

1/2 cup bacon, cut

1/2 tbsp butter

1 garlic clove, whole

7oz spaghetti (save at least 1 cup of cooking water)

2 eggs + 2 egg yolks

1/2 cup pecorino cheese (or parmesano)


Black pepper

Cook the pasta following package instructions, and save 1 cup of the cooking water. Meanwhile, mix in a bowl the eggs, egg yolks, cheese and pepper, whisking until fully mixed. Set aside the egg mix and the pasta.

In a pan (big enough for all the pasta), melt the butter and fry the bacon and the garlic until the bacon is golden brown. Discard the garlic.

Add the pasta to the pan, with 2 tbsp of the cooking water and mix well. Turn off the heat, add the egg mix, plus 2 tbsp of cooking water and mix mix mix. Add more water if necessary, until the sauce is cream and velvety.

Serve immediately with tons of cheeses and black pepper.

Our daily wine

Delicate fat, this is what this dish is all about. So, we need a wine with a certain body, that fills our mouth as much as the cream of the pasta, but not too much invasive with tannins and acidity.

A very common pairing would be a good Chardonnay. But… you can find classic pairing on Google! That’s why I will suggest something different. Two something, to be true! Because we praise options!

First one is a Rosé that owned my heart: Viña Lapostolle, Le Rosé, 2017, Rapel. This a bodied rosé, so it balances quite well the carbonara. Also, you will find good acidity to fight with the fat on your plate.

Second one is a little stronger: red wine! Do you know Sangiovese grape? It is Italian and give us light wines, with not so much body… easy to drink. Perfect to combine with the delicate carbonara. It is not so easy to find Sangiovese here in Chile, but if you look carefully you will find a few producers. My suggestion is a Viña Robba & Rossi, Sangiovese, 2016, Maipo. Their website is not updated, so I encourage you to contact them directly (there is a contact email on the website).

Go go go and make this beauty – weekend is here! Open a wine and be happy!