Farm Little Breads

I saw this recipe a long time ago in a television show. By ‘a long time ago’ please understand almost 20 years… Yeah, I’ve been addicted to food TV shows for a while. I remember watching – and paying a lot of attention – The Wonderful Kitchen of Ofelia, one of the first culinary shows in Brazil, back to the 80s…

After that, a lot of culinary shows arrived on TV, and I was always watching them. This recipe came from one of them but I am not sure from which one – probably it is from Ana Maria Braga, another icon of food shows in Brazil. But I do remember that it was super easy to make (or seemed to be), so I took notes and bought the ingredients (by bike, as I couldn’t drive at that time – I am telling you, it was a long time ago).

Well… 20 years ago my kitchen abilities were waaaaaaay lower than today. I remember that I made the bread, but the mess in the kitchen… OMG! Besides, just one recipe made A LOT of breads and we were only 3 at home… I don’t know what my mom did with all the food. For sure the neighbors were quite happy that day!

Years and many tests after that day, I have adapted the recipe so here it is, with the memories of a teenager cook…


Farm Little Breads

40-50 little breads


1 ½ cup warm milk

2 tbsp sugar

½ canola oil

2 tsp salt

4 eggs + 1 egg yolk

0.35 oz. dry yeast

30oz. flour


7oz. cream cheese

14oz. mozzarella cheese, grated

3 tomatoes, no seeds and chopped


Start by mixing the milk, sugar, oil, salt and 4 eggs. At another bowl, mix flour and yeast. Combine flour with the liquids, a little at once. Work the dough until it is not sticking in hands. Set aside, cover and allow rising for 40 minutes.

Preheat oven at 390F. In a clean surface, pour some flour and work the dough carefully, first pressing to release the air and, then opening it until it is thin. Fill it in stripes: make a stripe with cream cheese, add the cheese, tomatoes and oregano, roll over the dough and cut it. Make sure it is totally closed. Then, make another stripe with cream cheese and repeat the process until you have filled all the dough. You will have several rolls. Cut them into smaller pieces (I measure 4 fingers and cut).

Put them in a pan (no need to grease), brush with egg yolk and pour oregano. Bring them to the oven for 15 to 20 minutes, or until golden brown.

Of course you can change the filling. My favorites: chicken with cream cheese, ham and cheese, mushrooms and cheese. And you can also make different formats, such as the rolls I made or a big bread and cut it when serving… Ohhhhhhh! So good!

Hope you enjoy it a lot!

Lots of love,