Gazpacho with Tomatoes in Love

I need to tell you: I love the winter. And I hate the summer. I can’t stand the high temperatures. And summer, to me, is basically for one thing: vacations. Ok, ok. I like summer mood, the happiness, barbecues, parties, longer days… But can I have all of this without the hot weather???

So much heat makes me lazy. REALLY lazy. And every time it is freaking hot and I don’t wanna cook or eat, I consider gazpacho. It is one of the easiest dishes ever: everything blended. And, besides this, it is incredibly refreshing.

First time I tried gazpacho was when I was living in Spain. The true is that in Brazil we are wasting a big time not making this more often. With the absurd hot weather we have there and so many vegetables, gazpacho should be much more known. Here in Chile, I believe they know it better and, considering the summer is also very hot in here, there’s nothing better to feed and refresh!

Here you have a simple and fast recipe. The secret: serve it very cold!

Gazpazho 2 Tratada

Gazpacho with Tomatoes in Love

Makes 1 quart (plus a little bit for the cook!)

2 lb. fresh tomatoes

1 red bell pepper

1 cucumber, peeled

4 oz. white onion

1 garlic clove

4 tbsp good quality olive oil

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

Cold water, if necessary


Black pepper

2 ice cubes

Grape tomatoes


Cut the top of the tomatoes and cut it in rough pieces, as well as the onion, cucumber and garlic, and put them in the blender. Add olive oil and vinegar and blend well. At the end, add the ice cubes. Taste for salt and pepper and, if necessary, add more olive oil or a little bit of cold water (if it is too thick). Keep in the refrigerator and serve cold!

To make the tomatoes fall in love, give them a kiss and say kind words cut them in half, diagonally (in an angle of 45 degrees, more or less). Put two halves together, making the heart shape, and put the toothpick.


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