Pasta with Fresh Mushrooms

Pasta is that type of food that I could eat every day! Its variations are infinite, and they are so fast and so easy to make.

Today I wanted to make an easier pasta, without a lot of complex ingredients, but filled with flavors. When I saw such beautiful mushrooms I had no doubts: they would be my pasta superstars!

In general, it is easier to find Paris or Portobello mushrooms at Chilean supermarkets. But this time I found a different one, called Cardoncello (or Seta de Cardo), so I decided to mix them with Paris… the result was gorgeous!

To finish this beauty, some black pepper and parsley, highlighting even more the flavor of the mushrooms!

Pasta con Champiñones

Pasta with Fresh Mushrooms

Serves 2

7 oz. pasta (I used penne)

¼ onion

7 oz. mushrooms (I used Paris and Cardoncello)

½ cup heavy cream


Olive Oil


Black Pepper

Cook the past, according to the package instructions. Meanwhile, cut the mushrooms in cubes and sauté 2 tbsp of them, in a tsp of olive oil, until they are crunchy. Reserve them.

Cut the onions in small cubes and fry in olive oil, until they start to brown. Add the mushrooms; they will release their liquids and then reabsorb them.

Add the cream, bring to a boil and let reduce, until you have a creamy sauce. Add salt and pepper.

Serve over the cooked pasta, adding the parsley and a lot of olive oil and black pepper.

Last, add the crunchy mushrooms on top.

Hope you like it!